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The price of land lease

The infrastructure investors shall be leased the land with the minimum price in the framework regulated by the Government. The maximum price of land re-lease in the industrial zone of Nhon Hoi Economic Zone (with infrastructure structure) shall be from 16 till 18 USD/m2/50 years; the infrastructure using cost: 0.2 USD/m2/year (paid within 5 years since the enterprise puts into operation)


The cost for investment preparation

The investors shall be provided necessary information without any cost in order to survey and prepare for their investment projects, except other cost regulated by the law.

The infrastructure investors shall be provided 100% cost for surveying and forming cadastral maps. In case the project locations have had cadastral maps already, the investors will be provided without any cost.

For the projects to produce indoor furniture, the investors shall be provided 100% cost for forming reports on environmental impact assessment, but not more than 30 million VND/ a project.


The compensation cost and the assistance of site clearance

The investors shall advance the cost for site clearance and the State budget repays under the form of deducting from the land lease. If this value is more than the land lease, the different level is added into the investment capital of the project.

The infrastructure investors in economic zones, industrial zones/clusters shall be assisted 100% cost of site clearance and technical infrastructure construction for resettlement areas and reburied areas for the construction of industrial zones/clusters.


Dealing with the environment

To assist 15% of the total investment capital for the system that deals with environmental pollution of new investment projects, but not more than 400 million VND/a project.

For the infrastructure investors in economic zones and industrial zones/clusters, they shall be assisted 150 million VND/ha of planned land lease in industrial zones/clusters in order to construct concentrated wastewater treatment areas of industrial zones/clusters.


Technical infrastructure

Binh Dinh Province shall take his responsibility to give guidance and direct functional agencies and units to construct transport roads, electricity and water supply, and telecommunication service to the boundary of industrial zones/clusters as stipulated.


Labor training

The enterprises shall assist a maximum of 50 % cost of technical worker training (for 1-3 months), professional qualification enhancement for local long-term contract workers who work at investment projects in the province.

For the investors to manufacture indoor furniture, they shall be assisted once 70% cost of vocational training for unskilled workers. For group leaders and deputy group leaders, they will assist a maximum of 2 million VND/person/course.

For the investors to manufacture indoor furniture, they will assist twice/year, each time with 70% actual cost for hiring experts with the aim of enhancing production technique for group leaders and deputy group leaders, but not more than 50 million VND/course (equivalent to 25 participants)


Trade promotion

Each enterprise shall annually be supported to participate in fairs, exhibitions with a maximum of 4 times, in which twice in Viet Nam (including in the province) and twice abroad. The support is 50% of actual cost, but not more than 20 million VND/once/enterprise when participating fairs, exhibitions in Vietnam and not more than 150 million VND/once/enterprise for the participation abroad.


Visiting, experience sharing

For the enterprises to manufacture indoor furniture, they will be supported once/year for one person who directly pays a visit in Vietnam to share experience. The support is 50% of actual cost, but not more than 5 million VND/person for transport and accommodation